Get ready to unleash a flavor fiesta with Old Town Grill’s extraordinary catering services, serving up excitement in Auburn, California, and beyond!

Picture this: our team of culinary rockstars is here to turn your events into legendary gatherings. From an intimate, candlelit soirée for two that would make even the moon jealous, to a grand extravaganza with a guest list longer than a dragon’s tail, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re dreaming of group feasts that spark laughter or buffet bonanzas that’ll have taste buds dancing, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve for every desire.

Say goodbye to event-planning stress because with Old Town Grill catering, we’re your genie in a bottle, granting wishes of elegance and pizzazz. From the tiniest garnish to the grandest centerpiece, we weave professionalism and charm into every fiber of your affair. Get ready to elevate your event into the hall of fame with us by your side!

Catering for Private Parties

Indulge in the art of refined hospitality with Old Town Grill's catering services, designed to elevate private gatherings into exquisite affairs of taste and elegance. Situated in the heart of Auburn, California, our catering transcends culinary excellence, crafting bespoke menus that mirror the uniqueness of your occasion. Whether an intimate soirée or a lavish celebration, our seasoned team orchestrates every detail with a harmonious blend of sophistication and panache. From handcrafted delicacies that tantalize the palate to impeccable service that befits the most discerning guests, Old Town Grill's catering transforms private events into timeless memories, etched with an air of refined luxury.

Catering for Weddings

Love, laughter, and culinary enchantment unite with Old Town Grill's catering services, turning wedding dreams into scrumptious realities! Nestled in Auburn, California, our catering is the secret ingredient to making your big day a flavorful masterpiece. Imagine saying "I do" surrounded by a feast that mirrors your love story – from delightful appetizers that kick off the celebration to decadent desserts that sweeten the moment. Our expert team dances through the culinary symphony, ensuring every bite is a memory in the making. With Old Town Grill's catering, your wedding becomes a delightful fusion of flavors and fun, where the only thing better than the vows is the next mouthwatering dish!

Catering Service Areas

Auburn, CA

Loomis, CA

Lincoln, CA

Rocklin, CA

Roseville, CA

North Auburn, CA

Placer County, CA

El Dorado Hills, CA

Placerville, CA

>>> and surrounding areas <<<

Catering for Birthday Parties

Unleash a whirlwind of flavor and festivity with Old Town Grill's catering services tailored to make birthday celebrations truly extraordinary. Nestled in Auburn, California, our catering prowess transforms ordinary parties into unforgettable fiestas of taste and delight. Imagine a spread of delectable dishes that cater to every palate, whether you're blowing out candles at 8 or 80. Our seasoned team not only crafts mouthwatering menus but also infuses each bite with a dash of joy and celebration. From intimate gatherings to grand bashes, Old Town Grill's catering sprinkles a pinch of magic into every birthday, making wishes come true with each scrumptious bite.

Catering for Corporate Events

Elevate your corporate events to a pinnacle of sophistication and culinary excellence with Old Town Grill's distinguished catering services. Nestled in Auburn, California, we specialize in curating seamless and refined experiences that resonate with the essence of professionalism. Our adept team meticulously tailors menus to align with your event's objectives, ensuring a seamless fusion of gastronomy and business acumen. From boardroom luncheons to large-scale conferences, our catering expertise spans the spectrum, accommodating every requirement with a touch of elegance. With Old Town Grill's catering, impeccable service and gastronomic mastery converge to leave a lasting impression on colleagues and clients alike.

Catering for Fundraising Events

Get ready to turn your fundraising events into flavor-packed fiestas with Old Town Grill's catering services that are sure to bring smiles and donations galore! Located in vibrant Auburn, California, our catering is like a fundraising superhero, swooping in with mouthwatering menus that'll have your supporters coming back for seconds and thirds. Picture a menu that's not just delicious but also themed to match your cause, making every bite a tasty reminder of your mission. Our fun-loving team knows how to infuse every event with an extra dose of excitement, whether it's a charity gala or a community BBQ. With Old Town Grill's catering, your fundraising efforts will sizzle with success and leave your guests cheering for seconds - both in food and in support of your cause!

Catering for Sports Team Events

Score big with Old Town Grill's catering services specially crafted for sports team events! Located in the heart of Auburn, California, we're here to fuel your victories and celebrate your team's triumphs with a burst of flavor and fun. Imagine a spread that packs a punch as powerful as your team's performance, from hearty game-day snacks that keep the energy high to victory-worthy feasts that make you feel like champions. Our enthusiastic team knows how to keep the spirit alive, whether it's a pre-game pep talk or a post-game victory bash. With Old Town Grill's catering, your sports team events will be the ultimate slam dunk, touchdown, or home run – fueling the fun and making every win taste even sweeter!

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